Golf Hotels in Majorca

Mallorca is a magical island with some of the worlds most comfortable and charismatic hotels perfectly equipped for your ultimate golf holiday. You don’t always need a five star hotel to play on an expensive golf course. Having said that though it is nice to have options on your holiday and maybe incorporate luxury to mid range hotels as well as some boutique hotels on your long awaited golf holiday.

When you are planning a golf holiday we are aware that you want to make the most of your time well spent, with most of it playing golf on the different golf courses. It is therefore really important that you choose a hotel that is within the proximity of your favourite golf courses and that the hotel meets your comfort requirements so that you are feeling well refreshed and ready to play golf at the highest level within your skill set.

When choosing a golf hotel it is also important that you choose a hotel that specifies your golfing objective. Mallorca is an island that has so much to offer and the different areas have so much diversity that it is better to move around the island and get to see as much as possible, so choosing a few fantastic hotels that we recommend is highly suggested so that you leave the island with a thorough golfing experience of the entire magical island.

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Hotels near golf courses in Mallorca

On the hotel page, the nearest courses are listed. We have also divided Mallorca into geographic regions for you South WestNorthNorth EastSouth East and Palma City. The South West of Mallorca brings a beautiful contrast of lively holiday resorts as well as local Mallorcan villages.

Regardless of your selection of which part of the island you wish to chose as your golf hotel or hotels, we are always sure that you will have an incredible experience as our thorough research of the island has come with many years of experience. As listed below we have gone to great depths to make mutual relationships with some of the finest hotels on the island to make sure that you get the best deals possible.

Our local knowledge of the island has been gained by having visited all the hotels we have listed for your convenience. We have secured the best possible hotel rates for your golf holiday through our relationships with all the different hotel managers. At Mallorcagolfholidays we are willing to go the extra mile to do anything that helps you ensure your stay on the beautiful island of Majorca will be a perfect experience and excellent value for money.



As an alternative to golf hotels, we can offer a number of private villas. These can be ideal for groups, or those who prefer to self cater. Please contact us for details and availability. Alongside our villa program, we can arrange for outside catering and provisioning as required. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to quote for a ‘bespoke’ service.